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ARROW: Kreisberg on Sin, Guggenheim on Canary, Atom, & The Demon

Bex Taylor-Klaus Arrow

Arrow showrunners interviewed on character developments for The CW series. With the introduction of Grant Gustin‘s Barry Allan character on Arrow, last season, the subsequent Flash spinoff, this season, and an upcoming cross-over event, having a supporting character, or two, fall through the cracks is to be expected. One such character was Sin (Bex Taylor-Klaus); introduced last season, as the original Canary’s very own Roy Harper (only with better street cred).

With Sara Lance’s return to the League of Assassins, however, it seemed like Sin was re-released into the wild, and hasn’t been seen since. It may have taken something as drastic as Sara’s murder to bring the matter back up, through all the other source character developments, but there has been a renewed interest in her character. To that end, TVLine was able to get confirmation, from Arrow showrunner, Andrew Kreisberg, that Sin will definitely be returning – but after the Winter break (which begins after episode 9).

Bex Taylor-Klaus Arrow

Bex Taylor-Klaus “I’m back, baby!”

Andrew Kreisberg on Sin’s return:

“She’s actually in Episode 12, titled ‘Uprising.’ She plays a pivotal part in the investigation into Sara’s death. I just watched the dailies the other day, and it was really great to see her back, because she was such an important part of Season 2.”

Some of the renewed interest, in her character, involve theories on Sara’s murder. Given the background to Sara’s involvement with Sin, I can see where they’re coming from. Once it becomes a matter of Sin, the League, and Ra’s al Ghul’s hidden hand methods, however, the theories get convoluted. I’m starting to look forward to her return, just so the wilder theories can be put down.

Meanwhile, IGN managed to get some relevant non-answer answers, from series EP, Marc Guggenheim, on the new Canary (Katie Cassidy), Ray Palmer’s (Brandon Routh) suit, and a hint at what face time, between The Arrow (Stephen Amell) & Ra’s al Ghul (Matt Nable), will mean for the season’s second half.

On Laurel Lance, as the new Canary:

“A mask does not a hero make. She’s the least capable fighter of anyone on our show, who’s worn a mask… it’s not going to be: every time she throws a punch, she’s always going to connect. Every time she goes out into the field, she’s gonna come back with a bunch of injuries. It’s not going to be a piece of cake.”


Katie Cassidy: the new (but soon to be less-than-mint-condition) Canary

On the Atom costume:

“Ray’s costume is the best costume we’ve done on the show… It is the kind of costume that feature films get years to design & produce. This is gonna blow everybody away.”


Brandon Routh who, among other things, re-invents shadow-dancing

On Ra’s al Ghul meets The Arrow:

“It’s a very different dynamic, than we ever had, between Oliver and the Big Bad… the end of their confrontation will change the show.”


Matt Nable, having finally gotten over the Riddick thing….

So, going by what he actually does say, Laurel Canary will be a bloody work in progress, for the time being – which is good (’cause that will actually make sense). Ray’s suit may be the most ambitious made-for-TV costume since… I dunno – Farscape? Ollie’s first face-to-face with a major player (as opposed to best pal’s dad, gone evil, or island mentor… gone evil) will make it so that he may not even be able to give Laurel disapproving looks, when she starts taking beatings for justice… sky’s the limit, on that one (just so long as Ra’s isn’t shopping for a bargain basement Bruce Wayne).

Watch the Marc Guggenheim interview, and leave your thoughts on its content, and word of Sin’s return, below, in the comments section. For more Arrow photos, videos, and information, visit our Arrow Page, subscribe to us by Email, follow us on TwitterTumblrGoogle+, or “like” us on Facebook. Arrow airs Wednesdays, at 8:00pm EST, on The CW.

Sources: TVLine, IGN

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