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BORN TO BE BLUE (2016) Movie Poster: Ethan Hawke is Chet Baker

Ethan Hawke Born To Be Blue

Born To Be Blue Movie Poster Released. A new movie poster has been released in anticipation for Robert Budreau‘s new film, Born To Be Blue (2016), which stars Ethan Hawke as Chet Baker. I’m unfamiliar with this director, but Ethan Hawke himself is quite adept at picking and choosing his projects and those he works with, so this could turn out fairly well. 

Take a look at the new movie poster for Born To Be Blue below!

Born To Be Blue Poster

According to LiveForFilms, “Ethan Hawke plays Chet Baker, the legendary trumpeter and singer who, after becoming a jazz icon in the 1950s, became equally famous for his drug addiction. Born to be Blue reimagines Baker’s life as a mixture of factual and fictional events, picking up his story late in his career when — after years of heroin abuse, financial loss, and public disgrace — he stages a comeback.”

“Born to be Blue finds Baker at the end of the 1960s, starring in a film about his own already-infamous life. He strikes up a passionate romance on and off the film set with Jane (Carmen Ejogo), the actress playing one of his lovers, but his hopes for a bright future are suddenly darkened when he suffers a brutal beating in a parking lot after a gig. The film is shelved, and his mouth so badly damaged that his musical career looks in doubt. With a modified sound, a youthful hunger, and Jane’s unflagging support, he becomes determined to regain his place among his peers — chiefly his friend and collaborator Dizzy Gillespie (Kevin Hanchard), his rival Miles Davis (Kedar Brown), and his reticent producer (Callum Keith Rennie).”

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Sources: LiveForFilms, IMDb

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