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GOTHAM: Second Episode Teases Presence of The Dollmaker

The Dollmaker

The Dollmaker Mentioned in Gotham’s Second Episode. After last night’s episode of Fox’s Gotham, the next villain to pop up was none other than The Dollmaker. However, his minons Doug and Patti only mention him by name suggesting that he may appear in future episodes.

If any of you watched the second episode, you would’ve figured out that The Dollmaker was the mastermind behind the homeless children kidnapping in Gotham. We don’t actually see him, but just by his name being mentioned detects that his presence will be known throughout the season.

The last time The Dollmaker made his live-action appearance was in The CW’s Arrow during its second season. Played by Michael Eklund, In Arrow, the version viewers had saw was the New 52 version named Barton Mathis. Barton was portrayed as a serial killer who murders young girls by pouring polymer down their throats and suffocates them to death. After killing his victims, Barton would then dress them like a bisque doll. Detective Quentin Lance locked Barton up six years ago and vowed to capture him again after he escaped, so he teams up with Arrow to get him. Canary then killed Barton in retaliation for hurting her family.

Michael Eklund The Dollmaker Arrow

Michael Eklund Arrow

The question that remains to be seen is if we will be seeing the same Dollmaker from Arrow on Gotham or if he will be an entirely different character all together. It seems more like we will see a different take on the character since both Gotham and Arrow take place in different timelines making it impossible for a crossover. Plus, three people have portrayed The Dollmaker in the comics so we may get another character to portray him on Gotham. So what do you guys think of how The Dollmaker will be introduced in Gotham?

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