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James Franco’s Mixed Comments on Michael Fassbender’s McQueen Roles

James Franco

James Franco made interesting comments on some of Michael Fassbender’s performances. Franco called the character development of his character in Shame unsatisfactory, but he went on to praise his acting in another Steve McQueen film – 12 Years a Slave.

Franco, whose career had peaked after his Oscar nomination for Danny Boyle’s 127 Hours, has experienced a steady drop in terms of career success but apparently seems to be quite comfortable in expressing his opinion about Michael Fassbender – an actor who is landing roles with spectacular speed and success in some of the year’s most expected films.

Firstly, he criticized the way in which Fassbender’s sex-addict character in Shame doesn’t go to the brutal limit of what the most serious of sex addicts can go through. Recently, Franco had the male role in Spring Breakers and his performance was acclaimed – that film also dealt with the themes of obsession and sexual drive so he might really know what he is talking about. Franco is of the opinion that the film also dealt with plenty of clichés, like the scene in which the character visits a gay bar. It is a funny coincidence because it was only recently that Franco posted a picture of himself kissing a man on his social network profiles as a way to mock the recent speculations of his allegedly uncertain sexuality.

Franco wasn’t completely negative about Fassbender’s Steve McQueen-connected roles. He expressed deep admiration about 12 Years a Slave and admitted to having loved the film and the way Fassbender completely dominates the motion picture with his electrifying, terror-inflicting acting.

Both James Franco and Michael Fassbender are terrific actors and are undeniably the future stars of the rising generation of young actors alongside the likes of Tom Hardy, Benedict Cumberbatch, Chris Pine and others. By all means, they should work together, criticize less and admire and support more in order to push the boundaries of their art.

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