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NEW WARRIORS (2018): Marvel’s Freeform TV Series Cast Selected & Plot Revealed

New Warriors Marvel Freeform Cast Characters

New Warriors Cast Selected by Marvel for Freeform’s TV Series

Marvel Television is planting its flag over a vast array of television channels. Marvel does not want to have all of its eggs in one basket. Some channels are better for Marvel properties, like Daredevil on Netflix, than others. Can you imagine a watered-down version of Daredevil on ABC?

Marvel Television has a knack for choosing the right network for the right property. They have done so again with by placing New Warriors on Freeform (previously ABC Family). New Warriors will not be a hardcore action TV show but rather an action-comedy.

One of the most notable characters in New Warriors will be Doreen Green a.k.a Squirrel Girl. Milana Vayntrub has been cast as that character.

A short bio and Squirrel Girl’s abilities:

When she was 10 years old, Doreen discovered she could communicate with squirrels…[She has] a furry, prehensile tail roughly 3–4 feet in length, sizable buck teeth, which are strong enough to chew through wood, and superhuman strength and agility, enabling her to jump between trees with ease. Her fingers have sharp claws on them, assisting her with climbing, and she possesses retractable “knuckle spikes” roughly 2-3 inches in length on each hand. Most importantly, she is capable of communicating with and understanding squirrels. Squirrel Girl carries a utility belt comprising multiple pouches that contain nuts to give as snacks to her squirrel friends. These are known humorously as her “nut sacks”.

The other New Warriors cast members and the characters that they will be playing include:

Derek Theler has been cast as Craig Hollis a.k.a Mister Immortal.

Mister Immortal’s abilities:

Mr. Immortal’s power is true immortality, which means that he cannot be permanently killed by any means. Once he reaches the point of death, he regenerates from any and all injuries, often returning to life almost immediately. When non-fatally injured, he heals at a normal human rate. However, those injuries will rapidly heal the next time he dies. This ability seems to be subconscious, since he has tried to commit suicide on numerous occasions only to walk away unscathed afterwards. He has recovered from being shot, suffocated, stabbed, drowned, crushed, starved, dehydrated, exploded, poisoned, decapitated, irradiated, and incinerated. Upon reviving, he is often extremely enraged due to the pain of death.

Jeremy Tardy has been cast as Dwayne Taylor a.k.a Night Thrasher.

A short bio and Night Thrasher’s abilities:

As a child in New York City, he saw his wealthy parents slain before his very eyes. This event drove him to hone himself into a human fighting machine in the pursuit of vengeance. Over time, this desire for revenge later evolved into an obsessive desire to punish all wrongdoers.

Night Thrasher possesses excellent hand-to-hand fighting ability and is trained in various martial arts…He is also an excellent acrobat, a talented designer of battle-suits and small armament, and a good computer “hacker.” His strength was further enhanced, though not to a truly super-human degree, by his Mark II combat armor.

Calum Worthy has been cast as Robbie Baldwin a.k.a Speedball.

A short bio and Speedball’s abilities:

Robbie Baldwin is a Presbyterian born in Springdale, Connecticut to a mother who co-starred in a soap opera with Mary Jane Watson. As a high school student, he becomes a costumed adventurer and crimefighter after an accident at the Hammond Research Laboratory where he works part-time as a laboratory worker. When Hammond scientists try to tap into a mysterious other-dimensional energy source, the energy bombards Baldwin. Baldwin survives the experience but finds himself surrounded by energy bubbles and clad in an odd costume. Minutes afterwards, during a battle with some thieves who want to raid the lab, Baldwin discovers that his body now generates a kinetic energy field that protects him from impact and makes him a bouncing dynamo of kinetic energy.

Matthew Moy has been cast as Zack Smith a.k.a. Microbe.

A short bio and Microbe’s abilities:

Zack is a shy hypochondriac whose ability is that he can talk to germs that tell him where you’ve been, what you ate and with whom you hung out with. It’s impossible to keep secrets around him.

Kate Comer has been cast as Deborah Fields a.k.a. Debrii

Debrii’s abilities:

Debrii is described as a “low level telekinetic magnet”. She is able to move masses of huge objects in her immediate vicinity at will, and is capable of manipulating many such objects at one time. She can use any “debris” around her to defend herself from attacks, or to attack her enemies.

New Warrior‘s plot synopsis: ““Marvel’s New Warriors” is about six young people with powers living and working together. With powers and abilities on the opposite end of the spectrum of The Avengers, the New Warriors want to make a difference in the world… Even if the world isn’t ready. Not quite super, not yet heroes, “Marvel’s New Warriors” is about that time in your life when you first enter adulthood and feel like you can do everything and nothing at once — except in this world, bad guys can be as terrifying as bad dates.”

The first season of New Warriors will be ten episodes long and thirty minutes each. New Warriors will debut on Freeform in 2018.

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