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PROJECT GREENLIGHT: HBO Cancels Series After Fourth Season

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HBO cancels Project Greenlight after four seasonsProject Greenlight, the docu-series helmed by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, ran for two seasons on HBO from 2001-2003. Its third season was aired by Bravo in 2005, and for the fourth the show returned to HBO in 2015. Today HBO confirmed that the show will not return for a fifth season. “We imagined a one season revival and decided in early 2016 another season did not make sense for us,” the network stated.

The premise of Project Greenlight is to aid aspiring screenwriters and directors in their entrances to Hollywood. Each season, one screenplay is selected from thousands of hopeful submissions, and the series chronicles the process of bringing the screenplay through development, production, and post-production. Project Greenlight has served as the springboard for several writers and directors to begin their careers in Hollywood, and Matt Damon is proud of that. “We have to take it out again,” he said in response to the show getting canceled from HBO.

The show’s fourth season endured some drama both on-screen and off, with clashes between producer Effie Brown and this season’s project director Jason Mann. Brown may have also butted heads with Damon, which could be part of the reason why the show will not be renewed for a fifth season. Despite its HBO cancelation, though, Project Greenlight is the baby of one of the most celebrated duos in Hollywood; we have a hard time believing it won’t be able to find another home.

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