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Reynaldo Rey Has Died: Veteran Actor Passes On At 75

Reynaldo Rey Dies At 75. Another veteran actor, with dozens of classic credits to his name, has passed on. Suffering from complications from a stroke in 2014, Rey has succumbed to his ailments and passed on at the age of 75 in Los Angeles. His manager, Vanzil Burke, was the one to confirm the news.

Rey had numerous memorable appearances under his belt. With a roster like this, people are sure to remember him. I know I do, particularly from his role in Friday, as a father keen on not getting “knocked the fuck out”. Rey appeared in television shows such as Sanford with Redd Foxx, The Bernie Mac Show, and Everybody Hates Chris. His feature-film credits were filled with comedies like Young Doctors in Love, White Men Can’t Jump, and House Party 3. He was also part of the Eddie Murphy/Richard Pryor gangster flick Harlem Nights – a film I strongly deem worthy of a re-watch.

There isn’t much I can say to praise this man’s legacy enough, only that his work speaks for itself. He was a hilarious performer, was part of some of the best films of his generation, and will surely be missed by more than his family. Rest in Peace.

Sources: Deadline, IMDb

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