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SINISTER SIX: Drew Goddard Confident SPIDER-MAN Spin-off May Get Made

Sinister Six

Drew Goddard Hopes Sinister Six Film Can Happen. Since Sony and Marvel reached a deal to reboot Spider-Man into the MCU, the spin-offs that Sony were developing were later scrapped. However, Drew Goddard holds onto hope that a Sinister Six film could happen.

Drew Goddard was scheduled to direct the supervillain team-up movie before Sony and Marvel partnered up to share Spider-Man. So with Sinister Six shelved, it’s a matter of time until the subject can be bought again and be able to do the movie. Goddard spoke with io9 saying that he hopes that Marvel can include the film as part of their plan one day.

My vision of that movie was a summer annual. So you didn’t have to worry about continuity. It was just, ‘We take Peter, put him on an adventure, we put him back in his life.’ I intentionally wanted a movie that didn’t have to worry about mythology and continuity. It was important to me to make a movie that could stand on its own. So the good news is, you know, [laughs], it slots in very well to any plan anybody ever wants. We just need to let a couple years go by, I think.

Despite not having to do the movie, Drew Goddard expressed his approval over Sony and Marvel’s deal being a fan of the comics himself.

The tricky part about all this is I love this plan. I love that you get to see Spider-Man in Marvel movies. I think that’s a great thing. I’m on board with that decision because as a fan that’s what I want. So who knows what the future holds? This is Hollywood, man, you’ve gotta play the long game.

Do you guys think a Sinister Six film should be made in the near future?

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