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THE JUSTICE LEAGUE PART ONE (2017): Zack Snyder Hints At ‘A Bigger World’

Zack Snyder

Zack Snyder drops hints about The Justice League Part One. The Watchmen and Man Of Steel director recently touched upon what he is aiming for with the upcoming DC superhero film.

As audiences eagerly await the release of Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice in March, director Zack Snyder is already talking about his plans for the franchise’s next big crossover. The subject came up when a reporter for The Daily Beast asked Snyder about his surprising decision to reveal Doomsday in the new trailer for Batman vs. Superman. The character is portrayed in the comics as being very formidable and enjoys a reputation as one of Superman’s toughest enemies, so many were surprised that his presence in the film wasn’t treated as significantly as one would think befitting for such a major character.

Snyder said that although he enjoyed working with the characters of both the Batman and Superman comics, he believes that they exist in worlds that are part of a much bigger universe that needs to be explored. According to The Wrap:

“To us it really made sense to give [Doomsday] to the audience now,” Snyder told the Daily Beast. “I really wanted to make the audience a promise that… though I’m super excited and happy and fulfilled by the conflict of Batman and Superman, there’s also a bigger world to start to think about.”

“You have Doomsday, right? He doesn’t just crawl out of the ground,” he continued. “He has his own mythology, right? So that has to be explored.”

Snyder further explained:

“It is constantly evolving, but we’re starting to get a handle on where we’re going with the world,” he said. “That’s fun because it allows us now to be driving toward a goal that we don’t have to make up as much. The rules can be the rules, and the movie can exist in a closed universe… it allows us to tie things together. If there’s a movie over here doing this, and we’re over here doing this, now we’re all on the same page.

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Source: Thewrap

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