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TRON 3: Jesse Wigutow writing TRON: LEGACY follow-up film for Disney

Olivia Wilde TRON Legacy

Jesse Wigutow writing TRON 3. Jesse Wigutow has been brought on-board to write the third TRON film, following TRON and TRON: Legacy. Jesse Wigutow will write the screenplay for the film for Walt Disney Pictures. David DiGilio, who wrote TRON: Legacy, but will not be returning for primary writing duties this time around, though he did write a draft for TRON 3. “It’s unclear whether Wigutow will be working off of DiGilio’s earlier draft or whether he’ll be starting from page one.”  Joseph Kosinski, who directed TRON: Legacy, will be directing.

On why TRON 3 was slow in development until now:

Some considered the dark and trippy Legacy — which teamed newcomer Garrett Hedlund with Jeff Bridges, star of the 1982 original Tron — a lukewarm performer when it opened in December 2010. But the film grossed $400 million worldwide, good enough to spark interest in prolonging the franchise. With that foundation and a strong brand, Disney believes it can really go for broke with a new movie.

Its been mentioned by Kosinski that “Tron 3 would be a direct continuation of Tron: Legacy, with Quorra [Olivia Wilde] and Dillinger’s son featuring prominently. ” I am guessing TRON (Bruce Boxleitner) will be back in some way in addition to Beck (Elijah Wood) from TRON: Uprising.

Hopefully TRON 3 will bear some of the issues in mind that we brought up in our TRON: Legacy (2010) Film Review and our TRON: Legacy: Scientific Concepts, Script Quality, Plot Themes Analysis.

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Source: Slashfilm, Hollywoodreporter

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    Uh, Garret played FLYNN’s son. You either don’t follow TRON or are just bad at key details. (And if it’s someone else’s quote then [CORRECTIONS: Work like this].)

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    Thank you for the heads up.