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TV Review: CONSTANTINE: Season 1, Episode 13: Waiting for the Man [NBC]

Constantine Waiting for the Man

NBC’s Constantine Waiting for the Man TV Show Review. Constantine: Season 1, Episode 10: Waiting for the Man was the finale that had a rollercoaster of emotions, thrills, and a shocking revelation towards the end of the final hour. The episode saw the return of both Jim Corrigan (Emmett Scanlan) and Papa Midnite (Michael James Shaw) as Constantine brought the season to a close with a new case and a new twist that became a real game changer.

The episode adapted “The Man” storyline from the Hellblazer comics with some noticeable changes. In the comics, three ghost girls were entrapping John Constantine’s (Matt Ryan) niece and the story showed some connection with the Resurrection Crusade revealing some of Zed Martin’s (Angelica Celaya) backstory. The episode, however, made a slight change to the story as the setting shifted to New Orleans and brought in DC character Jim Corrigan. Despite the changes, it still worked perfectly in the end.

The Man as he is called in the episode, is still the same as in the comics but the villain of the week turned out to have a major connection with the season-long arc of the Rising Darkness. By marrying young virgins, he would later sacrifice them in a Satanic ritual. His latest victim, Vesta, gets drawn by the three ghost brides without knowing the real danger lurking. John and Zed reunited with Jim Corrigan in order to help save Vesta from being Satan’s sacrifice.

Papa Midnite, meanwhile, had an agenda of his own as he tried to settle the score against John. First up, he uses a voodoo zombie to attack John. Midnite’s plan was almost a success until Jim saved John’s life by shooting it. When that plan failed, Midnite then uses a crow to keep an eye out for the warlock. After trailing through The Man’s tracks, John finds Midnite’s little spy and decides to stop his arch nemesis once and for all. However, Midnite gets the jump on John and manages to shoot him. John begs for Midnite to spare his life but he doesn’t comply so he finishes the job. What Midnite doesn’t know is that the he fell for John’s trap when the conman glamoured the body to make it look like him. That was the end of the road for Midnite as the authorities took him away.

Back to the case, John and the gang head over to where Vesta was being kept. Vesta managed to escape from The Man’s clutches. Just as The Man finally catches Vesta, Corrigan and John were able to corner him while Zed knocks The Man unconscious. Corrigan handcuffs him, but after some persuasion from John on what kind of man he is, Corrigan pulls the trigger and kills him after letting him go.

After putting the case to rest, Zed finally told Jim that she had a vision of his death, revealing the reason why she tried to avoid him all this time. The two shared a kiss, but not long before John spots them. It seemed that John was a bit jealous after seeing that kiss even though he never expresses his feelings.

The real twist came towards the end of the episode when Papa Midnite was suddenly free from the patrol car and the savior turned out to be Manny (Harold Perrineau) himself. Manny tells Midnite that John is no longer a priority and revealed that the Brujeria are actually working for him. We can only assume that Manny can actually turn out to be either Lucifer, a rogue angel, or even Satan. We still don’t know Manny’s true agenda, but if the show were to be picked up for another season then we may find out.

Emmett’s performance as Jim Corrigan left a lot to be desired. Throughout the episode, it was hard to understand what he was saying when he kept mumbling in most of his dialogues. However, Corrigan developed more as a character when we see him in a different light after killing The Man. We still don’t know much about Corrigan, which made him interesting on the show.

Overall, Constantine ended the first season with a bang with that shocking twist. It seemed that Manny turning evil might have been the show’s endgame all along for this season. The show used a Hellblazer story to good use and managed to put Jim Corrigan in the right direction towards becoming The Spectre. We still didn’t see the Brujeria, but we did see some development in the Rising Darkness.

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