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TV Review: IZOMBIE: Season 2, Episode 3: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle [The CW]

iZombie Real Dead Housewife of Seattle Rose McIver

The CW’s iZombie Real Dead Housewife of Seattle TV Show Review. iZombie: Season 2, Episode 3: Real Dead Housewife of Seattle had all the pieces come together involving the crackdown on Utopium. One of the added pieces was the return of Peyton (Aly Michalka) who is leading a task force against Utopium – which has now become a public issue with the zombie epidemic. The drug that ties together Liv (Rose McIver), Major (Robert Buckley), and Ravi (Rahul Kohli) have become a big problem for everybody as this week’s case tied to what Max Rager is doing. The bridge that connects the subplot and this season’s arc has been constructed and has become a major convenience for those who have followed the past two episodes.

The case of the week made a direct connection with Max Rager dealing with what CEO Vaughn Du Clark (Steven Weber) has cooked up his sleeve. Rose McIver’s talent of bringing on different personalities is noticeable in every episode. Seeing her act as the high socialite after eating the brains of a dead rich wife was stereotypical but necessary. Liv has to display what the victim was like since we don’t know what they were like before they got murdered. The only trouble is going too deep into the personality, but the episode does well in keeping a balance between Liv’s new trait and her actual feelings. McIver did pull off a hilarious performance of portraying a rich housewife.

Even though Liv wasn’t able to control her socialite-type behavior, Liv’s own feelings pulled through all that dead brain activity. It looked like what Liv was trying to express from her own heart made it through her façade. One example was her reaction to seeing Major at Max Rager and finding out he is working there. Even though we saw the victim’s personality, we did see a bit of Liv in there as well.

The episode informed us that Blaine (David Anders) isn’t the only threat in Seattle. Vaughn turns out to be more evil than dealer Blaine. Steven Weber pulled off a mesmerizing performance as this charming CEO who does whatever he can to reach the top, even if it means covering his tracks and eliminating those who stand against him. It would be really interesting to see both Blaine and Vaughn butt heads one of these days. The only thing we want to know after watching the episode is what Vaughn’s true purpose is. Is he after power, money, or something more sinister? He is beyond redemption at this point, but it’s good to point out that he has a different mindset from Blaine.

Clark is the embodiment of corporate evil, especially coming from his assistant/daughter who exposed that he is willing to kill anything living or dead if it comes to that, and killing Fowler using his dead zombie doctor proved that. We are curious to know whether the doctor turned into a zombie due to Super Max or only due to his limited access to brains. This expands the world of iZombie in so many ways, even growing Major’s zombie hit list.

‘Real Dead Housewife of Seattle’ managed to connect the dots between season one and season two moving forward. The plot thickens with Peyton now in the picture and Liv finding out what Major’s been up to, so we are already excited to see where this road leads to in the next couple of episodes. The stakes are higher than before, and everything is put on the line for our major players.

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