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VADER: EPISODE 1 – SHARDS OF THE PAST (2018) Short Film – The Best STAR WARS Movie You’ve Seen in Years

Dupree Jones Vader Episode 1 Shards of the Past

Vader Episode 1 Shards of the Past Short Film

Star Wars Theory and Danny Ramirez‘s Vader: Episode 1 – Shards of the Past (2018) short film stars Dupree Jones, Steven T. Bartlett, Catherine LaSalle, Marik Knight, and Andrew Branch. Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past‘s plot synopsis: “Anakin Skywalker is DEAD. For eight months, the mysterious Darth Vader has enforced the Emperor’s commands. Fighting between the loss of Padme, and the new cursed life he now leads, Vader must do what must be done when a surviving Jedi Master from Order 66 has lured him to the home planet of his late Wife’s tomb…”

Vader: Episode 1 – Shards of the Past was written by Danny Ramirez, Star Wars Theory, and Nikolaj Wejp-Olsen.

IMDB has multiple listings for this short film. First it refers to this short film as TV series Vader: A Star Wars Theory Fan Series with Shards of the Past as the title of the first episode. Then there is the short film listing Vader: A Star Wars Theory Fan Film. It’s strange that IMDb does not know how to classify their short film.

I have seen a lot of short films, so many that this website has a category solely dedicated to short films. I have seen numerous short films that I thought were the best short films that I had ever seen. Vader: Episode 1 – Shards of the Past gets the crown, with Dawn of the Deaf in second place (first place for its original screenplay). Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past is not at the top of my list just because it is so high-end, and it is, but it is because it builds upon, in a thought-out way, a key story-line that came before it that was never further explored until this short film.

Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past is the best Star Wars film that I have seen in years. This film is better than Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and The Film that Will not be Named, combined.

Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past is better than at least 50% of the prequels (the garbage dialogue, cheesy CGI, the cringe moments, and the moments that made absolutely no sense). Vader Episode 1: Shards of the Past does away with all the fluff and filler, replacing both with something lean, mean, and compelling.

From Star Wars Theory:

This project is single handedly the most amazing thing I’ve ever been part of. Without Danny Ramirez’s guidance and help, this never would have taken off the ground, let alone…gotten to where it is today. I owe him a lot. He is da coooolest. I thank every single one of you for watching my videos and supporting my channel. I will do my best to excel your expectations for years to come and provide entertainment you deserve. I thank you for everything, and I hope to one day make episode 2 a reality. In the mean time, all I ask, is for you to share this video, and hit like to spread to word. I couldn’t have done this without the talented people behind it. You know who you are (that long credits list). I love you all. And to the fans, meeting hundreds of you at the free premiere in LA was surreal. I will post everything soon from the event. You’ve changed my life forever, and I hope to bring you this first episode (and many more I hope!) as a gratitude and gift for what you deserve. I am eternally grateful. ENJOY AND MAY THE FORCE BE WITH YOU, ALWAYS!!!!

Vader: Episode 1 – Shards of the Past also stars Jesse Gomez and Bradley Klein.

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Vader Episode 1 Shards of the Past Short Film

Star Wars Theory Vader Episode 1 Shards of the Past Featurette

Star Wars Theory Vader Episode 1 Shards of the Past Live Q&A in Channel Hangout

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