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George Miller’s JUSTICE LEAGUE Documentary might have a Big Problem

Justice League

George Miller‘s Justice League Film is Dead and its Documentary may die as well. Remember that Justice League movie that was supposed to be made by the Max Max: Fury Road director George Miller? It’s rather sad that it got cancelled though…Well, on the bright side, there will be a documentary about the abandoned film that will reveal interviews from the cast and crew and never-before-seen concept art of the film. Unfortunately, that might be cancelled too. Why? Warner Bros. has yet to give it the okay it needs.

In an interview on, director Ryan Unicomb said he contacted Warner Bros. and asked if it was okay to use DC comics images and characters, but the company has yet to contact him back about it. Unicomb added, “It’s a nervous wait. George Miller and Doug Mitchell know about the project, so now it all hangs on Warner Bros’ involvement”.

George Miller’s supposed superhero feature, Justice League: Mortals, had a 2009 release date and a cast that included D.J. Controna, Armie Hammer, Megan Gale, etc. However, in early 2008, Warner Bros. had to call it quits on the project due to the setbacks caused by the Writer Guild Strike and many financial issues.

Some may think that this project sounds familiar. That’s because there was recently a documentary about a canceled movie based on DC’s Superman called The Death of “Superman Lives”: What Happened?. The movie explored the Superman film that never came to be, which would have been directed by Tim Burton, was written by Kevin Smith, and would have starred Nicholas Cage as the caped crusader. Since Warner Bros. approved that documentary being made, there is a chance that the executives may approve Miller’s Justice League: Mortal as well. For now, the project is in limbo and Warner Bros. will decide whether the documentary rises or falls like the film it seeks to document.

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