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JADOTVILLE (2016): Netflix To Debut New Jamie Dornan Film In 2016

Jamie Dornan

Netflix Cuts Deal To Stream Jadotville. Netflix has cut a deal for the worldwide streaming rights to air the war drama Jadotville starring Jamie Dornan in 2016. Netflix also intends to release the film theatrically for a qualifying run.

According to Variety:

The movie tells the true story of the 1961 siege of a 150-member Irish U.N. battalion under Commander Patrick Quinlan (Dornan) by 3,000 Congolese troops, led by French and Belgian mercenaries working for mining companies. Jadotville also stars Guillaume Canet (Tell No One) as the French commander who sought to defeat Quinlan and his men.

Netflix Chief Content Officer Ted Sarandos had this to say,

The story of how Pat Quinlan led his troops against an overwhelming force without losing a single man is one of the great stories of the 20th century, and we are proud to be working with such a talented and committed team to bring it to life. This film will be an amazing addition to our global original films initiative.

On choosing to go with Netflix and their digital distribution model, the film’s producer Alan Moloney had this to say,

As filmmakers, we are constantly looking for new ways to bring a movie to the largest possible audience. Netflix has already reinvented the TV market and is now moving front and center into the film business

It seems like no coincidence that this announcement comes so soon after Dornan’s film Fifty Shades of Grey excelled at the weekend box office, bringing in $81.7 million. Despite Fifty Shades of Grey’s stunning financial returns, the film continues to be panned by critics with Dornan’s performance as Christian Grey being singled out as particularly horrible. In studio executive’s eyes, Fifty Shades of Grey’s $81.7 million box office weekend should be enough to wipe the critical stink off of Dornan for now. Dornan appears to be at a career cross roads and it will be interesting to see if he looks for critical redemption with his next few projects or seeks to capitalize on his current box office momentum by appearing in some money making stinkers.


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Source: Variety

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