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Neil Blomkamp Officially Making ALIEN Movie as His Next Film

Ellen Ripley Dwayne Hicks Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art

Neil Blomkamp Making Alien After Chappie. With Neil Blomkamp latest film, Chappie, debuting in theaters later this year, many speculated as to what his net film would be. That fire was stoked when the director released artist renderings of an Alien film floating around in his head. What was so buzz worthy about these musings was that former warrant officer Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and Colonial Marine Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn) were prominently displayed in one of the shots. Ripley in alien helmet was displayed in another.

Ellen Ripley Dwayne Hicks Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art

Ellen Ripley Dwayne Hicks Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art


Dwayne Hicks Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art

Dwayne Hicks Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art


Ellen Ripley Pilot Mask Space Jockey Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art

Ellen Ripley Pilot Mask Space Jockey Neil Blomkamp Alien Concept Art


Blomkamp indicated that 20th Century Fox would give him permission to make the instantly. All he had to do was indicated his interest and desire to make the film.

Um… So I think it's officially my next film. #alien

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It seems that he has given them that indication (or they came to him and told him that he could do what he wanted and they would give him whatever resources he needed. What director could turn that deal down?).

20th Century Fox has closed a deal with director Neill Blomkamp to develop a new “Alien” movie, sources confirm.

The untitled sci-fi project is separate from “Prometheus 2,” which Fox is still making with Ridley Scott.

According to insiders, the new “Alien” takes place years after the “Prometheus” sequel. Scott is producing both films through his production company Scott Free.

Some people have already speculated on what will be included in the film based on Blomkamp’s art elements (and then went on to extrapolate):

We can only assume this film will incorporate the various story ideas that have been hinted at in Blomkamp’s concept art: the return of Ellen Ripley. A surviving, acid-scarred Hicks. A new, bigger, badder type of Xenomorph. A look inside the headquarters of “The Company”, a.k.a. Weyland-Yutani. And, most intriguingly, Ripley in the Space Jockey getup.

How Mr. Blomkamp intends to practically converge all these elements into something that fits within the existing canon, I have absolutely no idea. To get Hicks in there, but alive and kicking requires some very specific retconning (or cloning gimmick), and ALIEN RESURRECTION made it abundantly clear that Weyland-Yutani was no longer a thing at that point in the timeline. Plus, even if she’s still a looker, Ms. Weaver is noticeably older than the last time she faced off against a face-hugger of any sort, and there’s no easy out like Arnold’s T-800’s naturally aging organic flesh.

I am looking forward to Hick’s return (if that happens). David Fincher made a big mistake (Begin Spoiler) killing him and Newt off-screen at the beginning of Alien 3 (End Spoiler). I hope part of that error is corrected in Blomkamp’s Alien film.

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Source: Variety, Aintitcool, Wikipedia

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