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Rose McGowan Dropped by Agent For Criticizing Adam Sandler Role

Rose McGowan Fired by Agent

RoseMcGown Says She Was Dropped by her Agent for Criticizing an Adam Sandler Role Being Cast. 

Rose McGowan is a bold, confident woman. After listening to her episode of the Bret Easton Ellis podcast, I gained a newfound respect for her. She’s always been around, in my cinematic adventures, from Scream to Phantoms to Planet Terror. Judging from her personality to which I found insight from the aforementioned podcast, the fact that she was outspoken enough against something she strongly believed was incorrect is not that shocking to me.

It seems that McGowan is one of the few people in Hollywood that will speak up, regardless of status or power. And let’s be serious here – she isn’t the hottest thing in Hollywood. She isn’t getting the best roles. But you know what? She’s creating work for herself. She’s directing films, getting into film festivals, and so on. This is a self-made woman, and I fully respect her confidence in clowning this stupid Adam Sandler casting call. Someone needs to criticize his films, why not McGowan?

According to The Hollywood Reporter,

McGowan, who has recently appeared on Crackle’s Chosen and ABC’s Once Upon a Time, had been repped by Sheila Wenzel and Steve Muller at Innovative Artists. Wenzel and Muller did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

This is her initial tweet, criticizing the casting call. Once she got fired, she tweeted about it, then let everyone know that she doesn’t need anybody’s help to be a successful artist.

Sources: Twitter, TheHollywoodReporter

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