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TV Review: LINE OF DUTY: Season 2, Episode 6 [BBC]

Line of Duty Season 2 Episode 6

BBCs Line of Duty Season 2 Episode 6 TV Show Review. Line of Duty: Season 2, Episode 6 is this spectacular show’s season ending. It is more complex than ever, surprisingly not as intense, but just as memorable, masterful and eventually shocking. It is a bit of an irony that the ending episode doesn’t live up to the expectations because in all honesty it is not superior to past episodes. The fact remains that Episode 6 continues to be superbly acted, wonderfully written and incomparably realistic and for those qualities it should rightfully be remembered as one of the best TV show seasons on the BBC this year.

The dark tones persist and that is visible this time entirely in the story and its conclusion. Now when everything is over it becomes obvious that Line of Duty is not simply a show that reveals the superb dramatic moments of the line of work, it also focuses on the ambiguity and the moral devastation of the outcome. These men and women are in constant search for justice but in the end everything is a game of what proof will remain because the proof not moral decides the winners, if there are any winners at all.

If someone gets shot, if someone gets arrested we don’t judge those who pull the trigger because they are the main characters and furthermore, they are men of duty-they follow their orders with distinction and honor and if the truth was accessible to them, they would see to that justice is done. However, this is not a Sherlock Holmes story. This is the real world and in Line of Duty it is as real as it can possibly get so there are no positive outcomes because one way or another some pieces of information are left buried underground forever.

The ambiguity and the truth is delayed as much as possible. Even as you are witnessing the revelation you still keep asking the question and until the final scene plays out, you won’t be able to truly appreciate the episode’s greatness and the unspeakably hard-hitting drama that has played out in front of you. Lines of Duty never forsake its dark, realistic, unforgiving style and this why it never failed.

The episode offers plenty of interrogations, revelations and concludes with two sequences, one of which is an extended flashback that finally reveals the whole truth. The ending feels like it could have generated more emotion but the story as it is, is superb. Even the most genius investigator and player, Lindsay Denton (Keeley Hawes) can’t foresee it all-here we see her more emotionally vulnerable than ever, the way we have never seen her before and still we get to witness her razor-sharp mind in action.

Perhaps the message of Line of Duty is that in order for you to survive in this job is to employ your mind and never indulge yourself with sentimentality and feelings. However, this is far too general conclusion for a show like this. Line of Duty certainly tries to tell us more things than we could imagine because of its utterly realistic feel and appearance. If you can put down on paper all the lessons the world of police work can teach you than you can figure out completely Line of Duty.

This is the last ending anybody could have foreseen-viewer behind the screen or a character in it and the fact that the writers managed to combine the tension of the crime and the revelation with a deeply emotional element just goes to show how good the script of Line of Duty is.

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