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WONDER WOMAN (2011): Canceled by NBC: Adrianne Palicki, David Kelley

Adrianne Palicki, Costume, Wonder Woman 2011, Set

The Wonder Woman 2011 pilot and series on NBC have been canceledDavid E. Kelley/Adrianne Palicki‘s Wonder Woman NBC re-imagining met with instant criticism both for the dubious elements in its script and Wonder Woman’s costume. The Wonder Woman 2011 series was going to be “a reinvention of the iconic DC Comics title in which Wonder Woman – a.k.a. Diana Prince – is a vigilante crime fighter in Los Angeles but also a successful corporate executive and a modern woman trying to balance all of the elements of her extraordinary life.” Wonder Woman (2011) cast included Elizabeth HurleyTracie ThomsJustin BrueninCary ElwesPedro PascalKelly GalindoJoseph Gatt, and Brett Tucker. I would love to see that pilot episode. It can’t be worse than The Cape, well actually it can be since The Cape actually aired. Witchblade got two seasons and Wonder Woman was not even good enough to have its pilot aired? That must have been some pilot.

From Entertainment Weekly:

This will no doubt draw some knowingly rueful chuckles from execs at other networks, all of which passed on the chance to even produce the pilot. Warner Bros. could conceivably try to shop the pilot elsewhere, but given that no one seemed to want it in the first place, the chances of it being picked up seem slim.

Why did the ‘ol girl fail to pass muster?

NBC isn’t saying for now but scuttlebutt reveals the pilot earned mixed reviews at test screenings. And then there was all the online blow back about the costume – which seemed to de-emphasize the patriotism and play up the comic’s Greek mythology. Ultimately, the wardrobe department went back to the drawing board but that didn’t seem to save the project.

Entertainment Weekly reason’s against Wonder Woman (2011):

–Test screenings had mixed-to-negative buzz.
–Fans seemed to dislike the costume. Was someone in wardrobe obsessed with copying Sandy’s pants from Grease?
–The cheese factor: Modern audiences take their superheroes seriously, and the ultra-kitschy Wonder Woman — a golden lasso? Bullet-stopping bracelets? — is a tough sell nowadays.
–Decades ago, when the concept of feminism was still a national debate, the idea of a “Wonder Woman” — a tough female action hero — was a novel idea. Since then we’ve seen Buffy, Ripley, Sarah Connor and a gazillion other girls kicking butt. Who needs a babe in blue go-go boots?
–With this season’s Hawaii Five-0 and Syfy’s Battlestar Galactica standing as notable exceptions, TV remakes have a rough track record (see: Bionic Woman, Knight Rider, Melrose Place, etc).

A partial review of the pilot episode of Wonder Woman (2011) from a test screening at Universal Studios (no spoilers…like it matters anymore though):

  • The violence in the pilot is “over-the-top”: “Wonder Woman would kill people without even blinking an eye.”
  • Fight scenes are “adequate,” and involve a lot of lassoing and wire work.
  • Adrianne Palicki (Wonder Woman) and Tracie Thoms (Wonder Woman’s assistant) acquit themselves well, or about as well as they could given the “not very good” script.
  • Justin Bruening (Steve Trevor), on the other hand, isn’t quite up to par: “It’s like watching a cardboard standout.”
  • There are two different Wonder Woman costumes — the “velvety” “pants-suit” (I assume he means this one) and a more classic bikini bottom suit that we haven’t seen before. According to Carelli, the latter is “a million times better.”
  • “Diana Prince,” the ordinary-girl alter ego of Wonder Woman, sits around her apartment watching The Notebook, eating popcorn, and cuddling with her cat.
  • Perhaps most damning of all, Carelli reports that the pilot “doesn’t even feel like Wonder Woman… it feels like a David E. Kelley show.”

The full audio review can be found here. For more Wonder Woman photos, videos, and information, check out our Wonder Woman Page. What do you think of NBC not picking up the Wonder Woman (2011) pilot episode or the series?

Source: Slashfilm, Insidetv.ew

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  • E

    There is a God after all.

  • Lol.

  • NBC first passes on it and then they gave it a green light. They need to give things a chance. They used to be the #1 network once upon a time. In the past four years, they have tried similar things with Bionic Woman and a new Knight Rider. They need to commit to something and stop getting cold feet at the 11th hour. Let the public see it and then they’ll know if the show was a mistake or not. I would’ve liked to see it. Hopefully, another network will pick up on it. How about the CW?

  • The passed on it then green lit it because the management of NBC changed.

    They got cold feet because its pilot didn’t test that well.

    I would have liked to see it as well. This is probably the closest we will ever get to see Wonder Woman 2011 in action:

    I doubt the CW will pick it up. It is probably too expensive for them to produce.

  • Like most white collard corporations, NBC does what it wants and tells Americans what they will see; corrupting their minds in the process since most of us are guillable anyway.

  • Diggers81

    They should have at least let the pilot air rather then deciding for us if its worth seeing. There have been plenty of successfull shows that have not tested well. They have been talking about a movie for ever & just when we’re finally going to get a tv show they pull the plug. There is plenty of crap that at least gets a pilot aired. It could’nt be that bad. They’ll throw up about any male super hero u can think of but we can’t just get the most popular female hero ever ?

  • It must have tested really bad if they will not even air the pilot.

    They shouldn’t have changed her story so drastically.

  • R4

    i found the pilot episode online and as a girl who like kickass super heros like superman, X-men, iron man and the fantastic 4, i enjoyed the wonder woman pilot and think it should have aired

  • I need to see that. Where is it?

  • Sw8840

    I think writers are told a programme is returning, but are too young to understand what it was like, including the interviews and it’s aimed at audience. The writers either do pathetic storylines (Knight Rider) and scripts, or make it too dark (Battlestar Galactica/SGU), that the target audience don’t have the staying power. The other angle is where the damn storyline goes on for 20 plus episodes, not actually Getting to the point (SGU), or doing so so slowly it’s a turn off.
    Buffys creator, Steven Moffet writer of Sherlock/Doctor Who & Russel T Davies all Seem to have the knack of getting high audience figures, seek em out and use them. The rebooted series can work, but until the writers and production actually give a damn then it will never work.

  • Sw8840

    One reason why they do failed tv pilots is due to the studio needing to keep hold of the rights to produce it, alot of contracts reveal a series or production requires tv airing by a certain date, or the rights to own and air them are null & void, the rights cost too much to lose at times.

  • It was a ridiculous concept to begin with, who would watch? I just saw the outfit and burst out laughing, the concept of Wonder woman in this modern age, just doesn’t fly, Adrienne is a good actress, she can do better than this…

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