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Superhero RSS: First Look at Marvel’s SPIDER-MAN Series, Blu Hunt in NEW MUTANTS, And More

Marvel's Spider-Man Poster Disney XD

Superhero RSS: First Look at Marvel’s Spider-Man Animated Series, Blu Hunt Cast in New Mutants, And More

In Superhero RSS, we discuss some of the latest news coming out of both film and TV when it comes to comic books. In this edition, we check in some items including our first look at the new animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man and Blu Hunt playing Mirage inn New Mutant.

In this edition of Superhero RSS, we will cover:

  • Clip and poster of new animated Spider-Man series
  • Blu Hunt joins New Mutants as Mirage
  • Silver and Black to set up female Spider-Verse franchise
  • The Thinker possibly to become major villain in The Flash’s fourth season
  • Trailer for season 3 finale of for Gotham

Sneak Peak as New Spider-Man Animated Series and Poster on Disney XD

Disney XD is getting ready to unveil their newest iteration of the web slinger when their new animated series Marvel’s Spider-Man comes swinging this summer. We have our first clip of the teenage hero as he takes on Scorpion. The animation is different from Ultimate Spider-Man, but it does keep some of the fun and zany one-liners that Spidey loves to use. With Spider-Man: Homecoming coming out in July, it looks like the show may have the same tone as the film. It also seems like he will be starting off with a prototype costume similar to Spider-Man: Homecoming before he wears the actual suit. We also have a poster to commemorate the new series as we have our first look at Spider-Man’s alter-ego Peter Parker. Check out the clip and poster and let us know if you’ll be checking out Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Marvel's Spider-Man Poster Disney XD

New Mutants Adds Blu Hunt as Mirage

The New Mutants main cast is finally complete as newcomer Blu Hunt has joined the team to play Native American telepath Danielle Moonstar/Mirage. The Hollywood Reporter first confirmed the casting for the new X-Men spin-off as Mirage. In the comics, she can create illusions to her enemies that project their fears or wishes. She also ends up developing psionic and energy manipulation powers. According to the report, the role of her character is the most important one in the script. Hunt joins the likes of Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, and Henry Zaga. What do you guys think of the casting?

Silver & Black Rumored to Set Up All-Female Spider-Verse Team-Up Film

After the success of Wonder Woman, it seems like Sony is taking cue from Warner Bros. by focusing on some of the female Spider-Man characters to create their own franchise. The first one out of the gate is the upcoming Silver & Black, and now a rumor is swirling that the studio may take things up a notch with an all-female Spider-Verse film. According to Splash Report, Sony wants to do an Avengers-type movie that would only have women from the Spider-Man franchise, but it would be independent from the MCU. This would include Black Cat, Silver Sable, Spider-Woman, Stunner, Jackpot, and Dusk. We don’t know if these rumors are true, so we’ll have to take it with a grain of salt for now. Let us know what you think of this idea.

The Thinker May Become New Big Bad for The Flash’s Fourth Season

The Flash has used speedsters for the past three seasons as major villains for Barry Allen (Grant Gustin), but it looks like for the upcoming fourth season, his next adversary won’t have super speed like he does. Hinted during the third season, DC villain The Thinker may actually become The Flash’s next major villain in the new season. The team behind the series promised viewers that the show won’t feature any more speedsters during the fourth season in the fall. Even though details on who the villain hasn’t been revealed, some people ended up figuring out who the villain might be after what Abra Kadabra said last season. He mentioned DeVoe’s name to Barry as one of the villains that Barry has faced even though he hasn’t fought him yet. DeVoe is referred to Clifford DeVoe AKA The Thinker. Even Savitar mentioned the name during last season. TVLine reported that this clue wasn’t just thrown out there, and that The Thinker would end up as a major villain for season four. The site detailed “casting is now underway for a 40-something actor to play what one might call ‘the fastest mind alive.'” Of course, Barry would have to escape the Speed Force prison, but after finding this out, it should be a matter of time before he escapes it. Is The Thinker a good choice as a villain? Who do you think should be cast as The Thinker?

Gotham Season Three Finale Promo

After what took place in the penultimate episode of season three, Gotham is already heading down towards chaos as we have our first look at the two-hour season finale. We saw the return of some of Hugo Strange’s monsters, but can all the villains exist in the city as a virus looms over them? The promo for ‘Destiny Calling’ and ‘Heavydirtysoul’ teases some big face-offs, as James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) goes after Lee (Morena Baccarin) and we finally get introduced to Ra’s al Ghul (Alexander Siddig). Can our heroes come out of this alive? Check out the promo for the season finale and let us know what you think.

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