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JUPITER’S LEGACY: Mark Gunn & Brian Gunn Developing Comic Book Film Adaptation

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Jupiter’s Legacy Film Adaptation is Being Developed

The Jupiter’s Legacy comic book is being developed into a live action film by Mark Gunn and Brian Gunn. The original comic book was written by Mark Millar and Frank Quitely. The comic book adaptation is being brought to the screen by film producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura. There is no word yet who the U.S. distributor of the film will be, who might star in the film, or when the film will be released.

The plot synopsis for the comic book series:

The story, which is influenced by Star Wars, King Kong, Roman mythology and origin stories from the Golden Age of Comics, is written as Millar’s treatise on superheroes’ connection to the American ideal. The first few issues of the opening story arc explores the generational conflict between a group of aging superheroes known as the Union, who used the powers they gained in 1932 for the betterment of mankind, in particular their leader, Sheldon Sampson (aka the Utopian), and their children, who are daunted by the prospect of living up to their parents’ legacy.

More on the first generation of superheroes, the Union (via Wikipedia).

A patriotic American who lost everything in the Stock Market Crash of 1929, and in 1932, charters a boat to a mysterious island 600 miles west of Cape Verde after the island appeared to him in a dream. Sheldon, who believes that the United States was the greatest idea in human history, and for whom the United States Constitution is sacred, is convinced that the island holds gifts that will return the country to greatness. After journeying to the island with his brother Walter and a group of five old college friends, including his future wife Grace, he becomes a Superman analogue named the Utopian, who is regarded as the greatest superhero on the planet. Donning a red and white costume with a gold eagle chest emblem, he and his five companions to the island, including his brother Walter and his future wife Grace, form a superhero group called the Union, with headquarters located in New York City.

From the log-line and descriptions of this series, Jupiter’s Legacy seems to share many themes with Watchmen. Some might consider that a minus, I consider that a big plus (I am referring to the Watchmen comic book series and only parts of its theatrical adaptation).

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