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Paul Thomas Anderson Might Write & Direct PINOCCHIO

Paul Thomas Anderson to Write/Direct Pinocchio

Paul Thomas Anderson Might Write And Direct Pinocchio For Robert Downey Jr. 

Anything PTA does is of interest to me and should be to you. He takes chances, directs what interests him, has a keen eye for beauty on screen, an intelligent mind, and has never made a bad, even mediocre, film in his life.

Warner Bros. and Robert Downey’s production company have been interested in a live-action Pinocchio for quite some time now. Downey and Anderson are friends, having almost collaborated on Inherent Vice when scheduling conflicts prohibited Downey from doing so. A few years later, it seems that Downey and his team are in close talks with Anderson to re-write/write (we don’t know if PTA will give Michael Mitnick‘s draft the once-over or start fresh) and possibly direct that project. This is absolutely incredible news to ponder and explore.

“Big-budget Hollywood movie” has a horrible connotation. That sentence conjures up images of dreadfully traumatic experiences, 3 hour long Pirates of the Caribbean and Transformers sequels, Johnny Depp as a CGI wolf or whatever the fuck he was, and Twilight 5: Again we Glitter through the Night. Things of that nature plague the mind. The idea that Paul Thomas Anderson, funded and shielded by studio meddling and bullshit notes, thanks to his vast amount of “fuck you money”, is one to cherish. Could this be? Is there a chance that we can actually, literally see a Paul Thomas Anderson penned and directed, live-action journey called Pinocchio?

I want to live in that world. Just for a few hours. I’d like to see what a PTA/$150m Pinocchio movie looks like.

Sources: THR

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