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The Phantom (2010) Television Trailer


The Phantom (2010) Television Trailer has premiered. The Phantom (2010) Television mini-series is directed by Paolo Barzman and stars Ryan Carnes, Cas Anvar, Isabelli Rossellini, Sandrine Holt, and Cameron Goodmen. The Phantom (2010) Television mini-series synopsis:  a two-part TV mini-series about the recruitment, training, and unleashing of the 22nd Phantom, Chris Moore (Ryan Carnes). “Chris Moore is a law student and parkour runner who learns that he was adopted. After his parents are murdered, he must don the famous Skull Ring and train in the jungles of Bengalla so that he can take on the evil Singh Brotherhood.” I saw animated cartoon Phantom 2040 on television (good) then saw The Phantom (1996) in theater (sucked because it was not what I was expecting or as good as Phantom 2040),  so I am well versed in The Phantoms and the Skull Rings. The Phantom (2010) Television mini-series could have fit right in between those two projects except The Phantom in 1996 film was supposedly the 21st Phantom. The Phantom (2010) writers Daniel Knauf and Charles Knauf did their homework making Moore the 22nd  Phantom so all three Phantom projects could have some continuity with each other. The new design for The Phantom costume is actually worse than the original. Why is there the need to show a person’s mouth in a uniform that are supposed to keep their identity secret? Anyway, check out The Phantom (2010) Television Trailer below and leave your thoughts on it and The Phantom below.

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Update 2: TV Review: The Phantom (2010): Part 2

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  • KC

    crappy costume indeed.

  • I'm still going to watch it when it airs though.

  • MR.E

    It looks a little campy, for my tastes. The visor on the costume looks wierd, and the people who train Kit Walker seem overly ridiculus. But I still want to watch the show.

  • Unless that visor serves a purpose, like something similar did when Batman squared off against Predator (in the comic), I don't see the point of it.

  • LickTheseNutz

    It would be nice if this was on or a similar site…especially since it aired in Canda in December.

  • Its low priority which is why it hasn't shown up there yet.

  • comicbookreader1

    First off the costume is what people recognize. For the record the 1996 Phantom movie was amazing the teleivision show pales in conparison. Yes the costume is a bit old but the fantom is not suppose to be the height of your average sixth grader. The phantom is mythic and his presence is that of Batman. When the phantom enters a room or anywhere all eyes are on him and in awe. The new costume looks great if your about to go on a desert motor cross. Now i get change, every costume hero has to make changes even the phantom's before have made changes but that was with weapons or vehicles. But this is not the phantom costume and the guy that got the part is damn lucky. Hell the detective on the tread mill looked more like the phantom then the kid does. Now i can see this kid playing the part of a younger phantom but sadly not the full grow Kit Walker. I am a avid fan i collect comics and movies and have been since a child. Does that make me an expert on the subject no. But anyone who is a true fan would know when your screwing with what works. The Hulk is big and green (originally grey BTW) Spider man swings by a web (Peter parker originally created web shooters and was a great scientist). Batmans parents were killed by Joe Chill and Robin came later. Lastly the Phantom should look like the Phantom not some X-games reject. Kitt Walker by the way if you look up history has been a Hero to allot of people. Example while Norwegian was under Nazi occupation the comic strip “The Phantom” was how the United States and the allies got messages to the Native Norwegians. How you ask? The Nazi did not read or edit the comic strips or a least the ones that were in-charge of placing propaganda in the news paper in the now occupied Norway. Front pages would read “Nazi taken over New York” with pictures of the statue of liberty and Nazi flags everywhere. This was taken from an website and is a well known fact to most Phantom readers. During World War II, Lee Falk (creator of the Phantom) joined the Office of War Information, where he became chief of his radio foreign language division. Moore also served in the war, during which he left the strip to his assistant Wilson McCoy. On Moore's return, he worked on the strip on and off until 1949, when McCoy succeeded him. [13] During McCoy's tenure, the strip appeared in thousands of newspapers worldwide, and The Phantom strip was smuggled by boats into the Nazi-occupied Norway during World War II. The word “Phantom ” was also used as a password for the Norwegian Resistance, The counter sign was “Kitt Walker” leading the character to receive iconic status in the country. So yes Lee Falk was the creator the Phantom is known world wide but apparently they needed these television producers to fix a costume that is iconic and it has weathered war and time. My suggestion redo the costume and change the leading male or get an average guy to play the next 007 or Batman or Superman. Try not to fix what isn't broken. Plain and simple.

  • The costumes design is questionable but its body armor aspects are not. “X-games reject”? Funny.
    I have seen the costume in action. Its not bad it just looks weird. Remember, they still have the original costume on the island. Its just not being used. Thanks for the Phantom history lesson.

  • Evil_as_hell

    It says right in the trailer that he is to assume the role of the 22nd Phantom. Maybe you should do your homework…

  • Scoobysnaxx2

    well i just watched 1 and 2 and I was not as impressed as I thought I would be, the costume looks like crap, the parkour is nice but the action scenes feel rushed especially the fight scenes. The suit need major overhaul!!! call in Chip Foose!!! I like what the suit is supposed to do for Kit but its hard to believe when its just a motocross vest over a black turtleneck, it has potential and hopefully it will pick this up and deliver the punch.

  • Anish

    Very rightly said KC. Crapy costume. the old phantom was awesome!this guy & theme screws the real phantom!

  • Balaji

    After watching the episodes it is not that much romantic as we read as comic books, even in the movie in 1996, The phantom always lived with a code and surprising his girl friends, here it is not seen, and the costume, like things collected from the scraps, please change it…. and improve the quality of the phantom..

  • Smallviller

    clever… theyre using the whole death note method through hypnosis. i like that.. to me its not only about the heroes but also about how creative the villians are. not bad!! ok with regard to the custume. hmm just as long as he doesnt wear purple anywhere on the custume I cudnt care less. overall, i liked it ;D

  • Jareletto

    the visor is to hide his identity (which it kinda does)
    and if you watch 1 of the screen shots it got him looking throw it with computer technology, showing what the people are wearing.
    so im with the idea, there basing it more modern day.
    and plus i think the custume kinda neat.
    sorta a nija dont f*ck with me attude.

  • The visor does hide his identity but why not use a mask that covers his whole head? Why leave the mouth exposed?

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