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TV Review: CONSTANTINE: Season 1, Episode 4: A Feast of Friends [NBC]

Constantine A Feast of Friends

NBC’s Constantine A Feast of Friends TV Show Review. Constantine: Season 1, Episode 4: A Feast of Friends was probably the best episode this season since the pilot. It was good that this episode took a story out of the first issue of the Hellblazer comics. Plus we got to see an emotional side to John Constantine (Matt Ryan) that we weren’t able to see in the past three weeks.

Our occult detective was so cynical and always found a solution to any case, with the challenge of trying to track down the demon. This episode, however, made the journey not so easy for him. John had no idea what he was in for after fighting against a powerful demon like Mnemoth. This demon can take over a human body and feeds until another human comes into contact like a virus. Stopping the demon for John was a personal sacrifice for our hero, proving his words to be true that everyone who works with him ends up dead in the end.

The episode introduced us to one of the members of the Newcastle Crew named Gary Lester (Jonjo O’Neil). Gary was a rich man who basically helped John in the past, but he soon left after John saw his drug addiction. Gary comes to John for help after a demon he trapped from Sudan escapes from it’s bottled-up prison. John at first refuses to help his former friend but gets reluctant to help him after news breaks of a virus outbreak similar to what the demon is doing to its human hosts. John’s first try capturing the demon fails, but manages to find out from Zed (Angelica Celaya) what kind of a demon he is up against.

What was great was that Gary returning brought back old wounds for John back home in Newcastle, England. This was the second time that Newcastle was mentioned since the pilot, but we get to see the guilt of what happened when John and his crew failed to save Astra. Gary explains his guilt in failing to save Astra due to him being high during the mission and running away when he confronted the demon. This explained much on why Gary went to Sudan to purify the boy from the demon and also why he chose to sacrifice himself in the end.

With the help of a shaman named Nommo (Charles Parnell), John gets a little backstory about Mnemoth and how to stop him. Back at the cabin, Zed managed to learn more about Gary after touching him, giving her all his memories. This gave Zed more insight in what happened at Newcastle. Zed seems to have evolved since the second episode as she starts to understand more about John’s world and his past.

The final confrontation against Mnemoth was an emotional one for John as he told Gary that one of them must sacrifice themselves as the human host in order to kill the demon. Gary knew that he must be the one to do it in order to make up for all the times he has failed John despite knowing that John planned this from the start. John gave a heartfelt goodbye to his friend as he traps the demon inside Gary and brings him to the cabin where Zed is waiting for them. Her presence in this episode helped us understand the decisions that John has to make in order to save humanity against evil. These questionable actions don’t resonate with Zed at first, but she soon understands why it must be done. Their argument seemed to have fizzled out quickly, but it helped move things forward.

Overall, we were given an emotional story inside an engaging demon-of-the-week episode. Seeing John sacrifice Gary in order to stop a demon gave us more depth into Constantine’s world. Even though John used Gary to stop the demon, we felt his pain when he knew he had to sacrifice his friend in order to save everyone. Now we know that when John is fighting these demons, it sometimes comes with a terrible cost. Despite Chas’ (Charles Halford) absence and Manny’s (Harold Perrineau) few appearances, this was definitely one of the better episodes this season so far.

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