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Feb 19, 2009

When is the Best Time to see a Movie in Theater?


When is the Best Time to see a Movie in Theater? The best time to see a movie in theater is dependent upon if you want peace and quite or if you are looking for the crowd effect. I personally like peace and quite when I see a film for the first time. For peace and quite, the best time to see a movie is the last showing on Monday through Wednesday night at a movie theater, assuming no holiday falls on those days. People with mainstream jobs are at home because they have to go to bed early to be able to get up for work the next day. Because of this, their young children are most-likely home as well.

During this time period, you do not have to wait in line for a ticket and you do not have to worry about finding a seat. You can seat back, relax, put your feet up on the seat in front of you, if you are so inclined, belch and even flatulate (if you have to) openly. Everything is “easy peezy, japanezy.” –Brookes Hatlen, The Shawshank Redemption. If you crave the crowd effect: cheering, laughter, possibly people talking, Friday matinee through Sunday afternoon would be your best bet.

If all depends on what you are in the mood for, what you are seeing and what your annoyance tolerance is. What is your favorite time to see a movie?

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  • IreneColdman

    Cell-phones with loud ring tones can prove to be very irritating indeed. I remember once that a guy's cell phone rang for 5 times before people started trying entire bags of popcorn at his head. After that he put his phone on silent mode. Smart of him: we had juice bottles prepared for the next round of “shootings”.
    Phoenix theaters

  • Meouch88

    There is NEVER a time when it is OK to PUT YOUR FEET UP ON THE SEAT IN FRONT OF YOU! That is a freakin’ disgusting, rude, unsanitary habit that has got to stop! I don’t care if you are the only person in the theatre, please don’t put your dirty, maloderous feet on a place where my head could be for ninety minutes! Why are people so stupid! Is it okay for someone to put their feet on your pillow for an hour and half just because you’re not using it?! Gross!


    I never thought of that. Good point. I will consider it the next time I am inclined to put my feet up in the theater.