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Emma Watson

Vacation, Dead Rising: Watchtower, Colonia, and other films have all made recent film casting, screenwriting, and director news. These films come from movie studios primarily based in the United States. The castings, screenwriters, and directors are subject to change.

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Eliza Taylor The 100 The 48

The 100 The 48 Images and Season Sneak Peek. The CW‘s The 100: Season 2, Episode 1: The 48 TV show photographs and season sneak peek video have been released. The 100, The 48 pictures feature four people: Dr. Abigail Griffin (Paige Turco), Clarke Griffin (Eliza Taylor),

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Film Crew

Hyperlink Cinema

1. Hyperlink cinema is a term coined by author Alissa Quart, who used the term in her review of the film Happy Endings (2005) for the film

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Denzel Washington The Equalizer

Box Office September 26-28, 2014. The Equalizer premiered in the Number One spot at the box office over the weekend with $35 Million. The Maze Runner was Second with $17.5 Million. The Boxtrolls premiered in Third Place with $17.2 Million. This is Where I Leave You was

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The Walking Dead

Character Profiles Released for The Walking Dead Spin-off. The Walking Dead companion series will soon shoot its pilot later this year but there hasn’t been any information on who will be in the spin-off.  Luckily, TVLine released a list of the main characters and their bios in the series.

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Manu Bennett Deathstroke Arrow

Manu Bennett Discusses Deathstroke’s Possible Return. Manu Bennett has received praise from fans for portraying the villainous Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke on The CW’s Arrow. Ever since his imprisonment last season, the question on everyone’s minds is if Deathstroke will ever return.

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Liev Schreiber Katherine Moennig  Ray Donovan The Captain

Showtime’s Ray Donovan The Captain TV Show Review. Ray Donovan: Season 2, Episode 12: The Captain ended almost every new storyline begun at the outset of this season if not in satisfactory ways, in entertaining ones.

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Ridley Scott

Ridley Scott Gives Clues on What Will and Won’t Be in Prometheus 2. Ridley Scott recently discussed the development process for the upcoming sequel to 2012’s Prometheus. One of the talking points was the reported appearance of Xenomorphs (also known as that weird looking alien

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Alex Winter Keanu Reeves Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure

Third Bill & Ted Film on the Way. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves return as Bill and Ted, nearly 23 years since we last saw them. The exact release is yet to be announced but there’s been a lot of new information about the movie in the past 24 hours, courtesy of Alex Winter himself.

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